International Journal of Civil Engineering & Geo-Environmental (IJCEG) Vol.6
e-ISSN : 2504-849X

Title and Authors

1. Sensitivity Analysis of Wastewater Flow Quality in A Channel Under The Influence of Hydraulic Retention Time Variations
Amir Gholipour, Abolghasem Akbari

2. A Study Of The Effect Of Cross Beams’ Distance On Improving The Girders
Bakhtiari Nobakht

3. GIS-Based Identification Of Overloaded Distribution Transformers & Calculation Of Technical Electric Power Losses
Awais Ahmad, Abolghasem Akbari, Javed Iqbal

4.The Effect Of Constructed Breakwater On The Waves Pattern In Bolkheir Port Using MIKE 21 Software
Emran Moradpour Tayebi, Maryam Rahbani, Ehsan Esmaili

5. Investigation Of Water Level Profile And Stage-Discharge Curve In Labyrinth Weirs
Jamifar Farid1, Takavandi Alireza, Faghfour Maghrebi Mahmoud, Bina Keivan

6. Numerical Simulation Of Secondary Sedimentation Tanks Using The VOF Method For Modelling The Free Surface
Behzad Lak, Bahar Firoozabadi, Hossein Afshin, Ahmadreza Farizan

7. Estimation Of Bearing Capacity Of Circular Footings On Clay Stabilized With Granular Soil : Case Study
Ali Hasanzadeh, AsskarJanalizadehChoobbasti

8. The Cavitation Effect On A Concrete Gravity Dam Response Due To Rotational Component Of Earthquake
Leila Kalani Sarokolayi, Bahram Navayi Neya

9. Quasi-Two-Dimensional Discrete Vapour Cavity Model
ReyhanehNorooz, Hamid Shamloo



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