International Journal of Civil Engineering & Geo-Environmental (IJCEG) Vol.4
e-ISSN : 2504-849X

Title and Authors

1. Behaviour of Metakaolin Concrete in Different Curing Condition
M. N. Muhd Sidek, M. A. Megat Johari , M. F. Arshad , M. F. Md Jaafar

2. Evaluation of CBR Increase on Stabilized Kuantan Clayey by Using Waste
     Glass, HDPE and Carpet Fiber
     Achmad Fauzi, Zuraidah Fauzi, Usama Juniansyah Fauzi

3. The Effect Of Tree Induce Suction On Slope Stabilization Analysis
     M. F. Ishak1, N. Ali, A. Kassim

4. Enhanced the Municipal Solid Waste Management in Kuala Lumpur by
     Implementing Technologies from European Countries: Strategies and Action Plans
     Siti Fatimah Che Osmi, Nadiah Mokhtar , Noor Suraya Romali, Siti Khadijah Che Osmi

5. Bio-filtration Performance of Petrochemical Wastewater using Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
    Md. Nurul Islam Siddique, Ideris Zakaria, Zularisam Ab Wahid

6. Simultaneous Monitoring on Corrosion-pH-Temperature using Multiplexed Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors
    Techniques in New RC Structure: A Review
    Mohd Faizal Md Jaafar, Hamidah Mohd Saman, Muhd Norhasri Muhd Sidek

7. An Investigation On The Application Of Thin Cold-Formed Steel Angles In Lightweight Roof Structures
    Adeline Ng

8. A Case Study of Manufacturing Process Routing in a Medium Scale Industry
    Ashwini Patil

9. Settlement behaviour with or without sand surcharge of the steel sludge waste material
    N. N. Nik Daud

10. Close-Range Photogrammetry For Landslide Monitoring
     Munirah Bt Radin Mohd Mokhtar, Abdul Nasir Mator



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