International Journal of Civil Engineering & Geo-Environmental (IJCEG) Vol.5
e-ISSN : 2504-849X

Title and Authors

1. Engineering Geological Assessment of the Proposed Kakasharaf Dam, Lorestan, Iran
Z. Heidary Nezhad,A.H. Haghiabi and H.R. Ramazi

2. Analysis of the Slope Curvature in Flying Site Selection

3. Seismic Waves Scattering Impact through Tunnel Excavation on Adjacent Monuments Subjected to Far Field Earthquakes
Arash Razmkhah , Mahyar Pourlak and Ehsan Ghobakhloo

4. Influence of Zeolite Additive on Chloride Durability and Carbonation of Concretes
Ali Akbar Ramezanianpour, Rahimeh Mousavi, and Moosa Kalhori

5. Multiple Decisions Making for the Best Desalination Plant in 1996-2020
Nazila Sedaei, Karim Solaimani, SeyyedJavad SadatiNejad and Ramezan Tahmasbi

6. Investigation of Parameters Affecting Discrete Vapour Cavity Model
Hamid Shamloo, Reyhaneh Norooz and Maryam Mousavifard

7. A Critical review of Floods History in Kuantan River Basin: Challenges and Potential Solutions
Syeda Maria Zaidi , A. Akbari and W. M. F. Ishak

8. Determination of The Measurement of Un-signalized Intersection Elasticity for a Traffic Control System
H. Zhang and A. Zulkiple


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